About the Artist

Tom Dauenheimer is an artist from New York, now living and working in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Tom is trained in drawing and painting, but experiments in all media including hard and soft sculpture, video and animation, photography, installation, music, and performance art.  He has participated in many shows throughout NYC and New Jersey.

People and animals are Tom's favorite subjects, and he often plays with space and immersion in relation to the figures in his work.  Sometimes this involves painting a figure within an unfamiliar or strange space.  In other works, Tom uses performance and installation as a method of subjecting his audience to this same kind of immersion into the unknown.

He has lived and studied for 4 years in New York City and half a year at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. He has visited several regions of Italy, Greece, Thailand, and Canada, as well as many states across the USA, in order to try to gain a broader global perspective to incorporate and share in his artwork.  He received his BFA in Fine Arts at Pace University.

All images copyright Thomas Dauenheimer.  All rights reserved.